Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Big Bang

Last night I was sitting here watching a Nova program about black holes.  Half way into the show there was a huge explosion and the windows rattled.  I thought it might have been thunder or a neighbor crashing into their house.  Nothing followed.  No sirens.  I finished watching the program and then turned on the radio.

Apparently a meteorite entered the atmosphere in the neighboring county and exploded.  I did not see the flash of light along with the noise as I have shutters on the windows.  This morning folks are out in the cold looking for remnants of the meteorite. 

The tremor registered 2.0 on the Richter Scale.  Were you in the path of this meteorite?

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Sometimes You are not Who You Think You Are

I may have mentioned that I had by DNA test done by  I have had it done by two other companies with rather vague results.   So, when Ancestry had a cyber Monday or black Friday special - who knows - I decided to try their test.  Besides, I am always intrigued when I watch "Finding Your Roots" and they always refer to Ancestry.

Yesterday, I received my results.  As a typical kid I often thought I must have been adopted.  Is there a kid who didn't imagine that?  Years later I actually met a woman who discovered she was adopted after both of her adoptive parents died and she was cleaning out their belongings.  She was in in 50's at the time.  And now with these results, I was either adopted or my mother's family had no idea they were not the northern Italians they thought they were.  Or did not realize how far northeast they really were.

I had already done quite a bit of research of old records.  I knew that my paternal grandfather was born in Lodz, Poland and the records show him coming here in 1913 from Russia - from a town that does not exist on any old maps or one that my Russian daughter-in-law ever heard of.  My paternal grandmother was born in the states, but her mother was born in Poland and her father was from Galicia also known as Polish Austria.  So that explains the ancestry of  Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Romania and Hungary.  But those countries add up to 61% of my DNA. 

My maternal relatives have been traced back to 1808 in Cordenons, Italy.  My mother's parents were from the same town.  Three siblings from one family married three siblings from another.   Everyone has always made a big deal over how they are true Italians - from the North.  Although, the area was once part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  And yet, while there are two map areas that overlap to include the area they are from, it only totals 20% of my DNA.  Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Scandinavia make up 14% and the rest is scattered hither and yon.

I can't wait to call my 'all Italian' cousins and ask if anyone has had their DNA tested.  I guess I should think of myself as more Eastern European than half Polish/half Italian.  Heck, for all I know,  I may not be Italian at all. 

Monday, January 15, 2018

What I Wrote Six years Ago

So, you all know how lazy I have been about blogging recently.  Lots of pics, not many words.  So, I went back to see what I wrote six years ago today.  Lots of words, no pictures.  I would do more of this if I actually thought anyone cared what I think, lol.  Folks still complain about smart meters and I had my doubts, but in the case of one local official who has protested them, I am beginning to think maybe they have affected her brain.  Here it is:

Smart Meters, not so Smart People

One of the best things about no longer being an elected official is being able to say exactly what I am thinking.

Years ago, Detroit Edison wanted to build a substation on property it had owned long before the area was developed.  Anyone with two eyes could see the tall transmission lines running along the train tracks and some investigative work at Town Hall would have shown the property north of those lines as being owned by the utility.

Yet when the time came for the substation to be built, the people who now lived in the area were up in arms about Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs).  I finally asked one of the protesters why she bought a house with a huge transmission line in the back yard and she said she never noticed it.  Duh?  I wanted to tell her she was a giant dumb-a--, but had to resist.

In the end, the utility prevailed, but not without the then Township Supervisor being defeated in the next election, even though she only did what the law allowed and required her to do.

I thought this whole EMF issue had been put to bed, but now we have people railing against the installation of Smart Meters outside their homes.  One man said he did not want the utility monitoring his usage and knowing when he took a shower.  Huh?   Who would care?  And the issue is not confined to Michigan.  Just do a 'google' search.

So now we have communities banning any further installations of the meters.  Here is an idea folks:  Don't like the meters?  Go off the grid.  Get rid of all your electronic devices, save money, and read and cook like our ancestors did - by candlelight and fire.

I am sure we are all living in the 'Land of Fruits and Nuts'.  Recently I was watching a program on one of the Discovery channels.  They were in a town in New Mexico that is popular with all the UFO and conspiracy folks.  One of the people they interviewed was telling how the US government controls the weather from one of its military installations there.  (When my husband worked in the defense industry he used to go to White Sands for 'missile' testing.  Or so he said.   lol)  Another insisted they were spying on everyone and controlling our behavior.  Right.

Last year I had a smart meter placed on my home.  I was delighted that the meter readers would no longer be trampling through my yard.  I have not noticed any sleep disorders, headaches, or mysterious levitation of objects.  But I'll keep watching and let you know.