Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Bloom for a Day

In case you haven't realized it by now, I love, love, love daylilies.  I never saw anything other than the common daylily until the 1970's when a co-worker suggest I visit a daylily farm nearby.  OMG.  The grower specialized in daylilies and hostas and my love of both began.

A few years ago I redid the garden so that the deer would no longer have daylily buffet tables.  The result is seen below.

Daylilies all up and down the north side of my home.  Unfortunately, it also means that there is a lot of clean-up since each flower is only open for one day.  If dead flowers are not removed, they can lie over an unopened bud preventing it from opening.  It has been miserably hot and humid here with the real feel temp of 99.5 F one day this weekend.  So, not much yard work getting done.  Yesterday we had a break in the temp and humidity to the point that Charlie wanted his jacket on when we went outside.  That also meant that I could start cleaning dead flowers.  Once everything was done I took the above pictures.

Several stems had one remaining bloom and rather than wait until today to cut them, I made a bouquet to enjoy while I sat outside and read my book.  Here it is for you to enjoy.


I hope this added a little color to your life today.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Fifty Years Ago Today

I've been reading about today and hearing about it for weeks now.  There are stories in the newspapers, specials on TV, a docu-drama opening on Tuesday, radio reports....  It's too much.

Fifty years ago today I woke up on Sunday morning and was informed by my Dad that they were rioting in Detroit.  But when I turned on the TV and radio.. nothing.  He said he heard it on the radio when he awoke very early that morning.  By the time I awoke there was a news blackout.  It would remain that way until late afternoon.

I was twenty years old and a senior in college.  On July 1, I started my laboratory internship at Detroit General Hospital, now Detroit Receiving.  The old hospital was located in downtown Detroit across the street from Police Headquarters.

I called a friend of mine who lived in the city and was also an intern.  She knew nothing of what was going on but was going to call her boyfriend who lived in a fraternity house on the Wayne State campus.  When she called me back, she confirmed what my father had said that morning.  Later that evening I would watch National Guard troops travel down 8 Mile Road (we lived in the first house on a block in the suburbs  just over the city line) after being called in by the Governor.

When Monday rolled around I found myself at home.  The hospital was arranging for police to pick up hospital workers but only if they lived within city limits.  At the time there was a residency requirement for city employees, but laboratory workers and nurses were exempt.  But transportation was erratic and some lines did not even run.  I am not sure if all transportation was eventually shut down, but for a time all gas stations were ordered to close.  And I really do not recall when we were required to report that week.  It was a long time ago.

I worked in the city for the next ten years.  I was never scared to be there.  I would cringe when I heard someone brag that they never crossed 8 Mile.  What?  No Tiger ball games, no Art Institute, no plays at the theaters, no concerts, etc ?????

My Sunday paper is still sitting in the kitchen with today's section on 'the disturbance' still unread.  I can only read so much at a time.  There is much to read online if you are not familiar with what happened.  I leave you to search on your own.  For me, I need to take a break.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Niagara Falls, January, 1970 - I believe this is the only photo of my platinum blond hair that I had for one year.  Too much work.  Those sunglasses are the same ones in the July, 1973 photo I posted.